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“Few years ago, I had a hair mineral analysis test done and it showed that I had Magnesium imbalance. After using Magnesium SPRAY for almost three months, the ratio were back to normal range. This is how I know with my own personal experience that the product works.” Elvira Hofgren CEO, Vital Body & Soul “ How CBD Helped Me with Anxiety [Personal Story] The none-stop adrenaline is both mentally and physically demanding, and so CBD was an obvious choice for me after reading stories like yours and scientific reports on the matter. I now use CBD capsules on the bad days, and it really helps me get through it with less than half my usual worries. CBD for Sale | Buy CBD Vape Juice, Oil, Edibles, Cartridges, Pens

7 Jan 2019 It seems CBD can calm the brain and support the hippocampus, Even one study where patients took 1,280 mg a day did not see a problem.

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Convenient. Simple. Straightforward. You’re someone who wants your daily dose of CBD with a quick gulp of water, maybe alongside your other everyday vitamins. You’ll get that and more with our CBD Capsules, made from organically sourced hemp plants. Ingredients: Hemp, Rice Flour, Vegetable Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

21 May 2019 Cannabis Compound Eases Anxiety and Cravings of Heroin Addiction Pointing to another study showing that a dose of 400 mg of CBD  11 Mar 2019 Let's take a look at the science behind CBD oil to figure out whether or not CBD oil does, in fact, make you sleepy. Read more here! 19 Mar 2019 “But while pre-clinical or animal studies show CBD may have anti-anxiety properties and may be antipsychotic, for the majority of uses, there is 

CBD at a dose of 300 mg has been shown to worsen symptoms of Parkinson's disease (Consroe, Int J Neurosci, 1986). CBD should be used with caution with sedative and sleep-inducing medications, as it may enhance their effects. CBD can increase blood serum levels of antiepleptic drugs (Gaston, Epilepsia 2017).

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